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Lending Tree

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LendingTree is an online commercial center associating borrowers to a wide system of banks, and has supported more than 55 million credit demands since it was established in 1998. Its site is anything but difficult to explore, and its financial assessment capacity is first class. When you fit the bill for a credit, you can see the offer promptly and see extra subtleties to enable you to settle on a choice. You should enter a Social Security number to view credit offers, and the normal rates are not accessible on the site, which may not be perfect for each potential borrower. 1506074109154-def204f9-8852″]Some users complain about the large number of phone calls and emails they’ve received from lenders almost immediately after filling out the form. Because LendingTree passes your information to lenders, there’s no real way to limit this contact. You are agreeing to it when you decide to apply for a mortgage loan.

If you do not want to deal with many lenders vying for your business, a broker like LendingTree might not be a great choice for you. Although LendingTree allows you to compare multiple offers at one time, this may be overwhelming for some.


  • Check your credit score and how it affects your loan offers
  • One form and information is sent to multiple lenders
  • Get loan offers within minutes


  • High number of phone calls and emails
  • Dealing with a lot of lenders vying for your business
  • Rates only shown after entering your Social Security number

LendingTree at a Glance

  • Loan Types
    Purchase, refinance, home equity, reverse
  • Featured Loans
    FHA, USDA, VA, jumbo, conventional

Repayment Terms

  • 10-,15-, 20-, 30- years fixed-rate, 5/1, 7/1 ARM
  • Down Payment
    0%-20% minimums based on loan type
  • Credit Score
  • Best For
    HELOC with low closing costs

Who Is LendingTree Best for?

LendingTree offers great deals by giving consumers several offers from multiple lenders in a matter of minutes and is ideal for:

  • Busy borrowers who want to see several loan options at a glance
  • Borrowers with poor credit or unconventional income looking for flexible lenders
  • HELOC, where you are paid out as needed from your home equity

Since there are many loan specialists seeking your business, LendingTree can give a uniquely customized determination of offers to browse dependent on your particular criteria. Also, LendingTree gives you a chance to look at changed credit terms next to each other so as to locate the best month-to-month rate.

LendingTree Highlights:

  • No user fee
  • Free credit scoring
  • One form sent to many lenders
  • Network of over 350 lenders
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Possible loan offer within minutes
  • Easy to find offer details

The Application ProcessThe whole application procedure should take roughly 10 minutes. Go to LendingTree’s landing page, select the sort of credit you need, and complete an online solicitation. On the off chance that you need assistance, search for the mini-computers, a home valuation apparatus, and tips to help you en route. You can likewise contact LendingTree Customer Care by telephone with inquiries.

Realizing your financial assessment is the initial phase in verifying a credit. LendingTree enables you to check your financial assessment for nothing and discloses to you how it will influence your capacity to verify a credit. As an advance merchant, LendingTree is a reasonable alternative for borrowers with an immense range of FICO ratings. Since the organization is joined forces with a wide range of banks, you may have a superior shot of discovering one that works with people that have awful, or even restricted, credit. Types of Loans

  • Fixed-rate mortgages
  • Adjustable-rate mortgages
  • Reverse mortgages
  • Home equity loans and HELOC
  • Jumbo loans
  • FHA loans
  • VA loans
  • HARP loans

Close to presenting an application, you’ll get advanced ideas from a few distinct loan specialists. In case you’re not actually sure where your credit stands or what sort of offers to expect, this will enable you to swim through heaps of choices and get a thought of what advance terms you could be accepting. When you see how LendingTree functions, you can assess the statements you’ll get in the My LendingTree gateway to locate the best idea for you. Rates and Terms —The Bare Basics

Hundreds of lenders competing for your business allow you to choose your terms, based on specific criteria. You decide the amount you want to put down, an APR, and repayment term, and LendingTree sends you offers.

Terms are not set by LendingTree, but by individual lenders based on your criteria.

Repayment Terms

Since LendingTree’s network consists of more than 350 partners, there are a wealth of fixed and adjustable terms available. The most common offers you can expect to find are for:

  • 15-year fixed
  • 30-year fixed
  • 5/1 ARM
  • 30-year 5/1 ARM

Best of all, you can easily compare the different terms to see how they would impact your monthly rate, a lifetime investment, and other factors.

Help & SupportLendingTree offers calculators and tips to help you through the application process. You can also contact LendingTree Customer Care at 1-888-555-8733 with questions.

LendingTree FAQ

As part of your quote retrieval, you’ll be signed up for LendingTree’s My LendingTree portal. In the online portal, you’ll find individual lenders loan offers there, often in only minutes. As the quotes are added to your account, you’ll receive a notification.

LendingTree does not charge you any fees. Every lender sets its own fee structure regarding closing costs and the final fees are determined between you and your finalized lenders.

LendingTree does not charge you any fees. Every lender sets its own fee structure regarding closing costs and the final fees are determined between you and your finalized lenders.

With a strong commitment to speed and accuracy, LendingTree does not accept any applications outside of its online form or phone line. This reduces the possibility of errors and unnecessary costs and delays.

Bad credit is not an obstacle to owning a home with LendingTree. Because it has a range of lenders, borrowers with poor credit will be matched with loan providers who are happy to consider your application.


On the off chance that you need to get familiar with your financial assessment and start perusing loan specialists in an instinctive, easy-to-understand design, LendingTree is a decent decision. While the quantity of accessible credit offers is shockingly restricted for a bank system of this size, they accompany extremely aggressive APR and loan costs.

Physical Address

LendingTree, LLC
11115 Rushmore Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

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